China’s Bright Food Buys Tnuva


tnuvahThe Chinese government company is buying control of the Israeli food conglomerate at a company value of NIS 8.6 billion.

The Chinese government’s Bright Food Group signed an agreement this morning to buy control of Tnuva Food Industries Ltd. from Apax Partners. The sale is being made at a company value of NIS 8.6 billion while will bring a profit of NIS 4 billion to Apax (56% stake) on which it will not be required to pay any tax.

As part of the agreement, Bright Food is committed to keep Tnuva center of operations in Israel including management, production and development. Furthermore, most members of the board of directors and management, and the CEO will remain Israeli, while a representative of Bright Food will serve as chairman.

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  1. let’s hear again all those speeches congratulating ourselves on Israel’s booming economy. How we’re not dependent on the rest of the world. How the only country “chutz” that counts is the US.

  2. Thats the end of eating Tenuva. Watch out everybody. start eating food from the companies we know we can trust. Golden Flow, JJ Etc.

  3. Too bad Israel is sleeping, and when most of the products and research are owned by other countries and then what, Israel will end up as usual a slave to the other country. Israel is already a banana republic to the united states and now another country will slowly own Israel. Remember the golden calf, money always looks good, to bad there is no self worth that Israel cannot own their own companies and their own research. And you thought giving away David’s tomb is bad, wait.

  4. What a disgrace. Every day, the medinah is losing its ‘Jewish’ identity, whatever is left of it. Moshiach, where are you?

  5. TO #3 & #4:
    Why don’t you move to Israel and buy the Israeli company?
    Now who is the slave to which country?!


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