Cholov Yisroel Consumers Finally Have Greek Yogurt


greek-yogurtA new line of Norman’s cholov Yisroel yogurt is being introduced to the kosher market. The Greek yogurt was named the Best New Dairy Product at Kosherfest’s new product competition this year.

Norman’s Greek yogurt was developed by a panel of experts, headed by Jacob Glauber, who sought to capture the rich texture and magnificent taste that exceeds the standard in the marketplace. Now those who consume only cholov Yisroel will also be able to enjoy and benefit from the healthy features of the yogurt. The Greek yogurt is made in Norman’s exclusive cholov Yisroel factory and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

Norman’s Greek Yogurt comes in six flavors: plain, strawberry, peach, black cherry, vanilla and blueberry. Additional flavors will be added over the coming months. Starting at 100 calories a serving, it is enough to satisfy the palate of yogurt lovers while providing 14-18 grams of protein, depending on the flavor. For dieters, it is an alternative to high-carb and sugar-free products. Greek yogurt has a fraction of the fat and a lot more taste.

Shulim Ostreicher of Norman’s said that the company “was delighted to be able to bring this healthy and tasty addition to the kosher consumer.”

The company, which is planning to release many new recipes using the Greek yogurt, said that the product can be used in many ways. For example, it suggested: “Add some fruit and honey, place it on top of pancakes, substitute it for cream cheese in recipes, or just grab a carton for a quick snack on the go. The possibilities are vast and so are the benefits.”

“Imagine a 6 ounce cup of yogurt that is loaded with all the minerals the body requires and can be as satisfying as a meal at any time of the day,” said Mr. Ostreicher.

Thick, creamy Greek yogurt is wildly popular in this country. Its sales have more than doubled in the past five years to $1.6 billion. Last year, Greek yogurt accounted for about 21 percent of yogurt sales in the United States.

Unlike thinner, sugary yogurts, Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency because of the way it is strained. For many, a big part of the attraction is that it is also low in salt and fat and high in protein, leaving people who consume the product satisfied and giving an extra energy boost without the unnecessary calories. It is easy to digest and is extremely versatile, lending itself to great recipes and various flavors.

Norman’s Greek yogurt is the latest product in the Norman’s line that includes a full line of yogurt, Leben and Israeli dairy products known for being part of the great Israeli breakfast.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. I make my own Greek Yogurt regularly, by straining regular yogurt.
    It’s probably going to be very expensive to buy, since even non cholov yisroel Greek yogurt is expensive.

    Nonetheless, I wish Normans much mazel on their new endeavor!

  2. Greek yogurt has nothing to do with the fat content. As you said, its the way it is strained for a thicker consistency. It is very high in protein and low in carbohydrates. As with any yogurt it can be made low or zero fat. However, from a health standpoint at least 2% fat is preferable. A proper diet should contain a healthy amount (30% on average) good fats. Most products (aside from low fat dairy)that say low fat are unhealthy as they add sugars or other junk ingredients to make up for the fat.


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