Cholov Yisroel Market Doubles in Past Five Years, Thanks to New Quality Products

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normans-greek-yogurtThe Cholov Yisroel market, once a tiny segment of the kosher market, continues to surge with sales more than doubling in just the last five years, according to Lubicom Marketing, the pre-eminent marketing firm for the kosher market and founders and co-producers of Kosherfest, the kosher industry’s major annual trade show. “It took the kosher market a few years to catch up to the general dairy market with such products as Greek Yogurt but once they did, they made enormous strides in just a few years,” said Menachem Lubinsky, CEO of Lubicom.

While the new products have driven sales, demographics and product innovation have been largely responsible for the surge. The number of Orthodox Jews who eat Cholov Yisroel has grown tremendously in the past five years. Enrollment in Orthodox schools has grown by 25% in the past decade, which explains one of the reasons for the increased demand.

A good example of the innovative products that were launched in recent years is Greek Yogurt which took the nation by storm but for several years was not available to those who eat Cholov Yisroel until Norman’s Dairy, based in Rutherford, NJ launched a full line of Greek Yogurt products in October 2012. It handily won the Best New Dairy Product at Kosherfest 2012. A year later, the company introduced 100-calorie lite yogurt products, giving an increasingly health conscious market the perfect blend of the required nutrition and yet keeping the calories down. Nutritionists say that 100 calories is the “perfect blend” for the healthy Greek Yogurt.

The taste of the new products not only favorably competed with the popular non-Cholov Yisroel products on the market, but in many cases even surpassed it, leading many kosher consumers to switch to the Cholov Yisroel products even in markets that do not have significant numbers of Cholov Yisroel customers. With its reputation for quality on the rise, Norman’s continued to introduce many new items, including its new Taste line of non-fat (no-artificial ingredients or flavoring) which was launched last month.

The upgrade of quality dairy products has been particularly welcomed by customers who rely on Cholov Yisroel products. For the first time, they are able to enjoy products that are available to the general market with the highest standards of kashrus. Norman’s is the only exclusive Cholov Yisroel plant which means that only Cholov Yisroel products are produced at their plant, under the hashgacha of Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, Nierbarter Rav. Other Cholov Yisroel purveyors do special runs at plants that also produce general (non-Cholov Yisroel) products.

Veteran rabbis recalled the days when rabbis would routinely permit Orthodox Jews to consume non-Cholov Yisroel products because of the dearth of such products. Even Cholov Yisroel milk was scarce and in many smaller Orthodox communities, rabbis would make provisions for a special milking. Gradually, the milk became widely available and so did many other products. The Greek Yogurt is a particularly welcome addition as it offers a healthy rich-in-protein product as a breakfast staple or at any other time of the day. Customers have been showering accolades on the new products with letters and other communications.

The good news for consumers is that the recent spate of innovative Cholov Yisroel dairy products is only the beginning of what is expected to be an ongoing process of new product introductions. Companies like Norman’s have a highly professional research and development team that are constantly involved in new product development.

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  1. Still has a long way to go to make CY a standard that can easily be found in all Jewish communities across the country and at the same/similar price as Cholov Stam – at least in NY/NJ where the main market is, not charge double the price.

  2. ” Enrollment in Orthodox schools has grown by 25% in the past decade” – the frum population grows at least 40% a decade – why isn’t the schools enrollment keeping up? – are the schools leaving kids out in the cold?

  3. To call products with an “OU-D” heksher “cholov stam” is insulting. D=Dairy=Cholov; OU means that Orthodox mashgichim, all of whom are Yisraelim (I don’t think that the OU hires goyim to be mashgichim now, do they) assure the absolute kashrus of the product. In my personal opinion, “cholov Yisrael” is the biggest scam in kashrus of this generation, the benefit accruing to the family cartels running the businesses and charging a small fortune for their products.

    P.S. Notice all of the Yidden who pride themselves in their chumrah-obsession with “PAS Yisrael” and “CHOLOV Yisrael.” But when it comes to the Mitzva d’Oraisa of Yishuv “ERETZ Yisrael”…well, we know how they respond to that: “Oh, no, I’m meikel.” Suddenly their frumkeit looks rather selective, doesn’t it! They cling to the chumras of PAS and CHOLOV, but spurn the Mitzvah of ERETZ. That’ll go down well in the Beis Din Shel Maalah.

  4. I still buy the one that’s cheaper. If I can still get Danon coffee yogurt for 50 cents in Paperific (& sometimes in Glatt Mart), I buy it. I’m not going to pay $1.89 for Mehadrin or J&J. I’m sorry.

  5. CY appears to many to be a scam. Yes, its even in the Kitzur, but with such blatant confiscatory prices, CY is being used as a justification for absurd profit margins.
    The cow charges the same price for every pull on her udder.


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