Christie Calls For More Aggressive Foreign Policy After Stumble On Israel


chris-christieCourting powerful Jewish donors for the second time in two months, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called Sunday for a more aggressive foreign policy that defends American values abroad, but he also said he is concerned about the direction America is heading in.

“The rest of the world watches in desperation and hope that America will realize and act upon once again its indispensable place in the world,” Christie, a prospective Republican presidential contender, said in a keynote address Sunday at the Champions of Jewish Values International awards gala in New York. “We must lead.”

He charged that America must represent the strongest military and economic power, but also “the strongest moral power for what is good and what is right in the world.”

“We see Russian activism once again rearing its head in the world, we see an America that backed away from a commitment made by the president of the United States in Syria, we see a country, our country, permitting even a thought of a terrorist state like Iran having nuclear capability,” Christie said. “It’s unthinkable that the America that has led in the way that it has always led this world would permit that to happen. Yet we are sitting in a world, we are watching the vacuum that the lack of American leadership has created being filled and it is almost never filled by virtue, it is almost always filled by evil.”

The appearance offered Christie a second chance to impress deep-pocketed Jewish donors after stumbling in a recent speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Read more at Fox News.

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  1. i agree %100 & I think if we all opened up our eyes we all would agree

    open up & see as this country is falling apart in many ways, from the economy to its relationship between many other countries to supporting terrorist countries like iran & Syria etc… by HELPING them make plans (that are really fake & a game theyre playing on the USA) to give them more time to prepare for terrorism….

    Save yourself now & flee this country falling apart & head to Israel-just like thousands worldwide are doing daily-before its too late.
    Millions failed to leave Europe before WWII when the gedolim said to but wouldn’t listen & look what happened to them…. don’t let this happen to you



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