Christie: National Flood Insurance Program a ‘Disgrace’


christie4New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said today the National Flood Insurance Program’s handling of claims in New Jersey has been “a disgrace,” complaining that the program has been far too slow to resolve claims from Superstorm Sandy, with 70% of cases unresolved three months after the disaster.

The Republican governor said excessive paperwork, inadequate staffing, cumbersome audits and the threat of financial penalties to carriers and adjusters is interfering with the issuance of payments and prolonging the suffering of the thousands of New Jerseyans hurt by Sandy.

“I’ve been as patient as I’m going to be with the National Flood Insurance Program,” Christie said. “They need to get more people into New Jersey. They need to get to work. They need to get to processing these things. People need to know how much money they’re going to have.”

Read more at USA TODAY.

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