Christie to Corzine: ‘Man Up and Say I’m Fat’


christie-corzineThe Republican in New Jersey’s race for governor wants the incumbent to eat his words over the challenger’s heft. Chris Christie says Gov. Jon Corzine should quit hinting at his weight with¬†unflattering ads and “Man up and say I’m fat.”

Christie also told a¬†radio personality he’ll be “a big, fat winner” on Election Day.

“I’m pretty fat,” Christie deadpanned on the New York-based radio show yesterday morning. He joked he weighed 550 pounds.

Christie, who won’t say what he weighs, said he’s helped keep Dunkin’ Donuts employees working during the recession.

His weight became an issue in September when Corzine launched an ad accusing the former federal prosecutor of “throwing his weight around” to get out of traffic tickets.

{AP/1010 WINS/ Newscenter}


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