Christie: We Let People Down


christie-chrisBlunt as always, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched into his annual State of the State address with a word on the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal.

“The last week has certainly tested this administration. Mistakes were clearly made,” he said. “And as a result, we let down the people we are entrusted to serve. I know our citizens deserve better.”

But that was all the air time given to what’s being called “Bridgegate,” and the rest of the speech touched on the state’s approved economic state, a cut in the crime rate, Sandy recovery, and proposed longer school day.

Christie is currently facing two investigations, one over the bridge scandal and one for the use of the Hurricane Sandy recovery funds for political purposes. Read more at

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Good job!
    Good guy!
    All these guys going after him are mum on Bengazi, mum on NSA, mum on the IRS scandal AND MUM ON OBAMA’S LIES AGAIN AND AGAIN RE: Obamacare, for cryin out loud!
    What a blatant double standard!

  2. Double standard isn’t the point. THis was the most childish and stupid thing to do. They inconvenienced a whole city just for revenge and they were grinning through the whole thing! I hope Christie didn’t know what was going on because I can’t believe he would be so stupid! If he knew, he showed horrible judgement, to say the least, and if he didn’t know,it showed that he wasn’t on top of his staff. Either way, my opinion of him has plummeted way down.


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