CIA Director: “Very, Very Strong Relationship between United States and Israel”


cia-john-brennanOn Sunday, Face the Nation hosted guests Jeb Bush, CIA Director John Brennan, Peggy Noonan, John Dickerson, David Ignatius and Dan Balz.

Show host Bob Shieffer asked Brennan, “Director, the political breach we have with Israel, has that degraded or in any way made — hurt our intelligence gathering capabilities?”

Brennan responded, “Absolutely not. There is a very, very strong relationship between United States and Israel on the intelligence, security and military fronts. It’s one of the great things, I think, about our system, there can be policy differences between our governments, but the intelligence and security professionals know that we have an obligation to keep our countries safe and secure.

“And so although there’s been great debate about the Iranian nuclear negotiations that are ongoing, the CIA, NSA and other intelligence community entities are working very close with their Israeli as well as other counterparts.”

{Andy Newscenter}


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