Civil Service Will Accept Girls With Chareidi Education


Bais Yaakov girls in Israel graduate with a matriculation equivalent known as the Sald tests, which is often discriminated against in the job market. At a meeting of the Special Committee for Civil Service Reform, MK Yisroel Eichler of UTJ said it was high time the civil service recognized the matriculation equivalent and accepted Bais Yaakov graduates for government jobs.

“Ideally, the need to have academic credentials for civil service work should be abolished,” Eichler said. “But as things are, we will be satisfied if Torah studies and the Sald tests are recognized. There should be no discrimination.”

Surprisingly, MK Roy Folkman of Kulanu and MK Manuel Trachtenberg of the Zionist Union backed Eichler’s demand, the latter saying, “It is unfeasible that the Sald tests which are recognized for the purpose of being accepted to college are not recognized when it comes to getting jobs in the public sector.”

A representative of the Prime Minister’s Office said plans would soon be completed to integrate chareidi girls into the civil service and that the Sald tests would be recognized in this framework.

David Steger – Israel


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