Clinton: Drug War ‘Hasn’t Worked’


clintonFormer President Bill Clinton says in a new documentary that his administration’s attempts to limit drug trafficking from Colombia “hasn’t worked.”

Clinton joined other world leaders – including former President Jimmy Carter – in filmmaker Sam Branson’s new documentary, “Breaking the Taboo,” which premiered Thursday at New York’s Google headquarters and charges that the global war on drugs is a failure.

“What I tried to do was to focus on every aspect of the problem. I tried to empower the Colombians for example to do more militarily and police-wise because I thought that they had to. Thirty percent of their country was in the hands of the narcotraffickers,” Clinton says in the film, which is available free online.

In the film, narrator Morgan Freeman says, “the U.S. spent billions of dollars funding military operations” in Colombia to cut of cocaine coming into America.

Clinton later says: “Well obviously, if the expected results was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narcotrafficking networks – it hasn’t worked.”

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  1. Yes, it has worked – for the prison industry. We have a higher percentage of our population in jail than any other country – inlcuding China and Russia. Many of our prisons are run by private industry under contract to local governments. Those companies are flourishing as we lock up more and more nonviolent drug offenders. It costs far more to keep a single marijuana smoker in jail than to send him/her to Harvard. Of course, the prison industry spends lots of money on lobbying….


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