Clinton Foundation Messed Up Taxes



Hillary Clinton may be on her second presidential run, but the family still can’t find a decent accountant. Reuters reports that the Clintons’ family foundation will be refiling taxes and undergoing an audit after an investigation by the wire service found that they may have improperly reported foreign donations, among other issues.

The errors were on Form 990s, which is meant to function as a measure of accountability for nonprofits.

“If those numbers keep changing – well, actually, we spent this on this, not that on that – it really defeats the purpose,” Sunlight Foundation senior fellow Bill Allison told Reuters. Read more.

{CB Newscenter}


  1. Why are the Clintons allowed to get away with crimes that the average American Joe would get arrested for? I cant understand why they are above the law. What is the media’s fascination with them?


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