Clinton Fund Battling Charity Watchdog



The Clinton Foundation has been engaged in a battle with Charity Navigator for over a month in an attempt to remove itself from a list of scandal-plagued charities, reports New York Magazine.

According to the report, the issues began March 11, when Charity Navigator demanded that the foundation respond to allegations about improper donations and the like reported in media accounts. The watchdog group proposed a public response on its website, while the Clinton Foundation asked them to review documents confidentially-an offer the group declined.

“Charity Navigator doesn’t disclose its donors but we do and yet that means we’re suffering the consequences,” said acting CEO Maura Pally, accusing the group of a lack of transparency.

Charity Navigator, on the other hand, says the Clintons want special treatment because of the important work they do. Read more at New York Magazine.

{Andy Newscenter}



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