Watch: Clinton: I ‘Short-Circuited’ on ‘Truthful’ Email Claim


Hillary Clinton is getting creative as explaining why she lied about her deleted emails.

Her latest?

It’s called “short circuited.”

Hilary says she “short-circuited” during an interview this week with Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, in which she claimed FBI director James Comey had called her testimony on deleted emails “truthful.” Comey did not in fact call Clinton’s testimony truthful, but actaully contradicted a number of Clinton’s public statements regarding classified emails on her private email server.

During a public appearance today, Clinton told reporters, “I have said during the interview and many other occasions over the past months, that what I told the FBI, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what I have said publicly.” She further explained: “So I may have short-circuited it and for that, I, you know, will try to clarify because I think, you know, Chris Wallace and I were probably talking past each other because of course, he could only talk to what I had told the FBI and I appreciated that.”


Read more at POLITICO.



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