Clinton Ignored Official Email Guidance



Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton went against “very specific guidance” from the White House in not creating a State Department government email account and instead using only her personal account, according to White House press secretary Josh Earnest. Earnest said in his daily briefing on Tuesday that the only way personal email accounts could be used for government business was if the sender later forwarded those emails to the State Department for archiving. He said the Obama administration has to take Clinton at her word that she turned over all relevant emails for archiving.

Two other top Clinton aides allegedly used personal email to conduct government business, Gawker reported Tuesday, citing a source who has previously worked with Clinton. Philippe Reines, who served as Clinton’s deputy assistant secretary, and Huma Abedin, who was Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the time, both used private email accounts for agency business during their time at the State Department, according to the source. Gawker verified Abedin was registered with a account, but Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill did not comment in what capacity Abedin used the address. Merrill denied that Reines ever had a address, but did not respond to whether he used a different server such as Gmail or Yahoo! to conduct agency business. Read more at the Washington Post.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Just as crooked as Obama!

    Are there any honest Democrats left out there these days? Democrats are the biggest bunch of anti-Israel liars in America!


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