CNN Comes Under Fire For Calling Tel Aviv Shooters ‘Terrorists’ In Quote Marks


CNN came under fire for its social media reporting on the Palestinian terrorist shooting attack in Tel Aviv that left four Israelis dead and seven others wounded.

The breaking news update on CNN’s Twitter account presented the word “terrorists” in quote marks, angering dozens of followers, who wondered why the news outlet would qualify its report despite the clear nature of Wednesday’s incident. CNN tweeted, “Two ‘terrorists’ captured after Tel Aviv attack, Israeli police spokesman tweets.”

“Take the quote marks off terrorists when that is exactly what they are! It’s not a subjective noun or adjective; civilians murdered,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Did the ‘terrorist’ ‘murder’ four ‘innocent’ people? What ‘wonderful’ reporters you have,” another user posted.




  1. Other euphemisms used by CNN and MSNBC to describe terrorists who murder Jews:
    -“Gunmen” (used in this attack’s description)
    -“Militants” (a media favorite)
    -“Activists” (yes, “Activists”. makes them sound like striking Verizon workers or the like)

  2. The Goyim hate us… bottom line. Remember the headline (I think it was Reuters) 2 years ago when the Palestinian terrorist crashed his car into a crowd of people in Yerushalayin alongside the light rail – and killed a little baby? The police then shot and killed the terrorist…
    The headline: “Israeli police shoot and kill Palestinian man in Jerusalem”. UNBELIEVEABLE….


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