CNN Producer Caught on Hidden Camera Saying Russia Story All About ‘Ratings’


A new video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas posted at Breitbart seems to have captured CNN in a red-faced moment, to put it mildly.

A senior producer, John Bonifield, was asked on camera about his thoughts on the Russia investigation, the one where President Donald Trump is painted as colluding with Russians to skew the election, and then the followup one — where Trump is painted as obstructing the investigation into the unproven collusion allegations.

His response?

“We don’t have any giant proof. Then they say, well there’s still an investigation going on. And you’re like, yeah, I don’t know. If they were finding something, we would know about it. The way these leaks happen, they would leak it. They’d leak. If it was something really good, it would leak.”

“I haven’t seen any good evidence to show the president committed a crime,” Bonifield said.
Bonifield also admitted on camera what the left fought so hard to conceal: that foreign interference in elections is all too common.

“Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing (this) all the time,” he said. “We’re out there trying to manipulate governments.”

On the video, the undercover Project Veritas journalists asks, “Then why is CNN constantly like Russia this, Russia that?”

And Bonifield’s voice responds: “Because it’s ratings. … Our ratings are incredible right now.” Read more at WASHINGTON TIMES.




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