Coca-Cola Is Replacing Coke Zero


If you love Coke Zero, you’d better stock up on it: Coca-Cola is ditching the drink.
Coke Zero will be replaced by a new sugar-free drink called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, CNN reports.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has already been a success in 25 markets around the world, including Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Next month, it will be the United States’ turn: the new drink will be coming to America in August.

While they are both sugar-free alternatives to Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is said to taste more like original Coke. They both have mostly black packaging, but Coca-Cola Zero Sugar sports the iconic red Coca-Cola disc. Read more at CNN.



  1. At nearly every story posted here about Coke Cola, I place my remark about what I learned about the subject when I was a child:

    I well remember that afternoon when I was sitting in my seat near the left window side of the classroom of my fifth grade class. The teacher was standing and teaching on the other side, near the front-right corner of the room. At some point in his speaking, the discussion somehow came to the subject of Coke; he thus pointed out:

    “There are ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who know what is in Coke Cola, and they do not let their children have it!!”


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