Coca Cola Israel Develops New Flavor in Israel


spriteFor the first time in its history, Coca Cola Israel is launching a new flavor of the Sprite brand which was developed in Israel and does not exist in any other country in the world. The new drink, Sprite Extra Lemon, emphasizes the beverage’s lemony taste and will be launched in a special summer edition in thin cans with a unique design. The drink’s developer, Coca Cola Israel’s Head of Technology Dov Landman, explains that the lemon flavor was attained from citric acid which blends with Sprite’s sour-sweet taste. The global Coca Cola Company was involved in the production process and will be monitoring the launching of the drink in Israel, while examining its potential for additional markets worldwide.

Coca Cola Israel’s Marketing VP Savion Bar Sever told Yediot Achronot that “the launching of Sprite Extra Lemon in Israel is the first of its kind on a global scale.”

“Sprite has been marketed in Israel for 28 years, and the brand has not marketed a new flavor since then. The drink’s formula was concocted in Israel, was subject to taste tests, and got high grades from consumers.”

The move will be accompanied by an advertising campaign at a total cost of NIS 3 million (about $770,000). Sprite Extra Lemon will be marketed in varying prices determined by retailers, ranging between NIS 5-8 ($1.25-2).

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


  1. Time for them to start making fresca in israel. Every israeli that I know that has tasted fresca asks why they don’t make it in israel.


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