Columbia University Study: All Ashkenazi Jews Descend from 350 People


jewsA new study conducted at Columbia University, based on the genetic sequencing of 128 Ashkenazi Jews, shows that modern Ashkenazi Jews descend from a small group of about 350 individuals who lived between 600 and 800 years ago.

Those ancestors of current Ashkenazi Jews were both European and Middle Eastern, said the study, which was published Tuesday in the Nature Communications journal.

Today’s approximate population of 10 million Ashkenazi Jews descends from such a small group of ancestors due to the “bottleneck” effect, a drastic reduction in population size that occurred for unknown reasons about 25-30 generations ago, according to the study.

“[Among Ashkenazi Jews] everyone is a 30th cousin… They have a stretch of the genome that is identical,” Itsik Pe’er, an associate professor of computer science and systems biology at Columbia University, told Live Science.


{ Newscenter}


  1. If they’d go back another few generations, they’d come to the conclusion that all Jews (not just Ashkenazim ,but ALL Yidden) descend from a small group of 12 people.

  2. I’ve never commented yet on this site, but something about this study seems so implausible that I feel a need to comment. 600 years ago is 1414, it obviously cannot be that there were only 350 Jews in Eastern Europe in in 1414. This is clear, and while it is not an authoritative source, a quick look at the page for “history of the Jews in Europe” will make it clear that this is implausible. I am probably missing something in the way the genes are traced, but this doesn’t make sense to me the way it is written

  3. Someone should tell Columbia U, that they have their numbers wrong. How can there be 10 million Ashkenazi Jews, when there is only approximately only 10 million Jews in the world. Where is the Sephardic population?

  4. From the genetic sequencing of only 128 Ashkenazi Jews, they can come to this conclusion about “today’s approximate population of 10 million Ashkenazi Jews”? Can someone please explain this?


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