Comey Confirms Hillary Email Statement Sparked by Lynch Tarmac Meeting

Former FBI Director James Comey confirmed Thursday that he decided to make a public statement about Hillary Clinton’s “reckless” use of a private email server after then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac, the Daily Beast reports.
 The meeting infuriated Republicans, who suspected that Clinton was attempting to influence the outcome of the investigation into his wife’s private server. Lynch has said she “regrets” having met with Clinton on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport because it raised doubts about the independence of the Justice Department. Comey also confirmed The New York Times’ reporting in April that Lynch attempted to downplay the FBI probe, asking Comey to call it a “matter” instead of an “investigation.”


  1. So Bill triggered the election loss for Hillary.
    Ironic to the highest degree.

    He wouldn’t have done it on purpose, right?

    • No. Rumor has it that Obama & Biden did all they could to damage Hillary. It was payback time for the things the Clinton team did to Obama, back in 07.
      Regardless, once Hillary stole the nomination from Sanders, it was time to circle the wagons around her and defeat those evil white bigoted racist deplorable Republicans.

      At the end of the day:
      Democrats = good
      Republicans = evil


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