Coming Soon: 26-Week Maternity Leave for Women in Israel


babyWomen in Israel will soon have the right to take 26 weeks off from work following the birth of a child. The first 14 weeks will be paid for by the National Insurance Institute, while a law will be passed explicitly stating that the NII is not responsible to pay for the final 12 weeks, according to an Arutz Shevah report. Currently, Israeli women are entitled to 14 weeks of maternity leave, during which they are paid by the NII in accordance with their average monthly salary.

The law allowing women to take six months of leave is backed by MK Dalia Itzik of Kadima and MK Tzipi Hotovely of Likud and won support in the Knesset yesterdy. Itzik said that winning support for the bill was “the beginning of a revolution in which we will bring Israel closer to the enlightened Western world.” Many European countries give several months or more of maternity leave following the birth of each child, according to Arutz Shevah.

The 26-week leave is “a first, important, step,” Itzik said, but added that other proposals were already in the works.

Hotovely said the new legislation would allow women to “realize their motherhood without being rushed back to work.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. Do they think American mothers are supermoms who have to be back at the desk/school after six weeks?? Maybe we could get Obama to make such a change??? It really all backfires!

  2. it will be cheaper than sending kids to metapelet and they will probably turn less into the kibutz kids that never had relationships with their parents and turned out screwed up

  3. Israel is home and more and more are turning in that direction. Lower tuition rates, lower health insurance rates and treating women who are new mothers like queens.


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