Community Din Torah Regarding Crown Heights Leadership Ends



crown-heights-din-torahCOLlive reports: The hearing stage of a Din Torah over the Jewish communal leadership of Crown Heights came to a close Thursday, with all parties apparently happy with the proceedings.

“There were sharp things said and the mood was turbulent at times, but the general feeling was ‘we need to get this over with and move on,'” a source involved in the matter told

For 9 days, members of past and current Vaad Hakohol administrations and other interested parties gave testimony at Bais Menachem Mendel, a Lubavitch shul and Yeshiva in Flatbush.

Crown Heights Rabbis Avrohom Osdoba and Yaacov Schwei were granted a closed one-on-one hearing.

The Bais Din was comprised of Kiryat Gat Chief Rabbi Moshe Havelin and Ramat Gan dayan Rabbi Binyomin Kuperman (chosen by Rabbi Osdoba) and Eilat Chief Rabbi Yosef Hecht and Lod’s Chabad Rabbi Baruch Yurkovitz (chosen by Rabbi Schwei).

Presiding over them was Rabbi Avrohom B. Rosenberg, a known and commended dayan from Monsey, NY, who was involved in high profile Din Torahs in recent years.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Gluckowsky of Rechovot and the new Vaad Hakohol are credited with facilitating the Din Torah.

The opinion of many who participated was that they were given a fair hearing, and there is hope for a wise verdict that will lay the foundation for the future peaceful conduct of communal matters.

“They have enough material to make a psak about the major topics, such as rabbonus, Vaad Hakohol and the CHK Kashrus,” a source told COLlive.

The Israeli Rabbis and dayanim flew home for Shabbos and a decision will be issued following deliberations. A time frame was not given.

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