Company Introduces Potato Latke Applesauce Ice Cream On Hamantaschen Cookie


coolhaus ice cream hamantashCoolhaus CEO Natasha Case has let the Jewish deli case inspire her latest line of ice cream sandwiches. The Los Angeles Times reports that by the end of August, you’ll be able to sample such flavors as pastrami ice cream on a marbled rye cookie and potato latke applesauce ice cream on a hamantaschen cookie.

Are you really shocked? These are the same folks who brought you beer and pretzels, brown butter candied bacon and Peking duck ice cream.

Case call her new dubiously kosher flavors “a millennial twist on the decades-old staple of comfort food.”

But Case, who is Jewish, says she wasn’t just trying to come up with a gimmick. “I had most of the team in disbelief that these flavors wouldn’t just cause intrigue, but actually be good,” she said. “I mean, cream cheese and rye, latke … pastrami ice cream!? But when we all tasted them, they worked.”

The black and white cookie and the hamantaschen are currently available at Coolhaus’ Culver City and Pasadena scoop shops. The rye cookie and the ice creams will debut later this month. Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. What’s pshat with this article on a Torah website? Just because a Goyisha company comes out with a product that makes choizik from our minhagim, it doesn’t mean you should spread this garbage.

  2. how about cholent and kishke flavored ice cream?? I mean c’mon, some things are better in their original form and not meant to be ice creamized

  3. I just read the article in the LA Times. Not only is it a goyishe company, it is TREIF at that. This is what the article writer had to say about the pastrami ice cream:
    “The taste of the pastrami was subtle and luckily, the amount of meat sparse.”
    I’m not sure why Matzav has to give this company free advertising.

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