Concert Dispute on Shabbos Ends In Stabbing at Lake Terrace Hall


Lake Terrace HallA man is in jail on an attempted murder charge after he tried to kill a fellow concertgoer at Lake Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ, early this morning, police said.

Manuel Ramirez, 21, of Freehold, was in a taxi with his partner after they left the show, and attacked a 23-year-old man after asking the cab driver to stop the vehicle, authorities said today, reports.

Ramirez and the victim had an altercation at a concert at the Lake Terrace hall on Oak Street that resulted in their ejection from the show, which featured multiple bands and DJs, said Sgt. Greg Staffordsmith, a Lakewood Police detective.

After they were ejected, Ramirez got into a taxi to go home, police said. The other man had started to walk away from the venue, they added. But as the taxi drove north on Paco Way, Ramirez saw the other man walking and asked the taxi driver to stop, police said.

Ramirez and 22-year-old Miriam Lopez of Brooklyn, N.Y., exited the cab and approached the man, police said. Ramirez confronted the victim and then stabbed him repeatedly in the chest, abdomen, face and back, Staffordsmith said.

The officers found and arrested Ramirez and Lopez, authorities said.

{ Newscenter}


  1. A lot of halls are rented out to Non-frum events. That is how they can stay in business. Any different than a landlord renting apartments to goyim?

  2. Lake Terrace has been used for goyishe concerts and other treif functions on Shabbos for awhile now. This is not the first melee to happen there.

    What’s to stop these behaymos from breaking into the kosher kitchen? Who wants them in our simcha halls? I realize the owners have to make money, but I don’t think allowing chayos to use the hall is the way to do it.


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