Concrete Blocks to be Placed at Light Rail Stations to Prevent Terror Attacks


light-rail-stationThe Yerushalayim Municipality has placed concrete blocks near the entrances to the Jerusalem Light Rail on Wednesday night, in an apparent attempt to physically block terrorists from driving their cars into pedestrians.

More such blocks will be placed at other locations.

The decision to place concrete blocks was issued from Jerusalem District Commander Major General Moshe Edri, who assessed the overall security situation after Wednesday’s attack.

Concrete barriers were set up close to the bus stations near the French Hill/Givat HaMivtar, and later will be placed near the stations along Jaffa, Hertzl, and Chail Hahandasa. Read more from Arutz Sheva.

{ Israel}


  1. Not going to help
    #1 can’t put them everywhere
    #2 the’ll figure out something else
    #3 until we make them afraid of the consequences the’ll continue doing it

  2. I think we should just all huddle together in an encampment surrounded by barbed wire and electrified fencing.
    Oh wait, that’s been done before.


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