Congress Wasted Thousands on Coffee, Doughnuts


donutsThe end of 2012 brought America to the brink of economic collapse. Reviewing the daily routines of Washington’s elite during that time, you’d never know it.

A new report by the Washington Guardian exposes the lavish habits of congressional leaders ahead of the sequester, including dishing out tens of thousands of tax dollars on gourmet coffee and doughnuts, swanky catering, and items from upscale grocery stores.

The “lattes for lawmakers” culture implies a significant disconnect between many of Washington’s lawmakers and the average suffering American, an alarming realization bearing in mind the power they hold. Read it at Washington Guardian.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. why should I pay for their upscale style of living? There are many times I drive past a Startucks and want to stop in and buy one, but the thought of spending that much money on a coffee just keeps me driving on!!!

  2. where is michelle when u need her? i thought she was outlawing all this stuff it gore my vending machine thrown out if a school

  3. Stop this stupid hysteria right here and now! The United States Treasury will not go bankrupt for the cost of a few stale doughnuts.

    This article is rabble-rousing and sensationalist gutter press journalism worthy only of the 1930s German propaganda machine.


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