Cops: Dorner Manhunt Is Over


dorner-manhuntThe manhunt is over. Rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner’s body has not yet been identified in the burned-down cabin he was believed to have died in, but police are calling off the search, suggesting they found his body are are simply waiting for confirmation. San Bernadino’s sheriff also added that police did not “intentionally burn down the cabin” where they believed Dorner was. More details emerged about Dorner’s final hours Wednesday.

Before shooting a sheriff’s deputy and barricading himself in a remote cabin, the ex-LAPD officer hijacked a truck from 61-year-old Boy Scout leader Richard Heltebrake. Heltebrake said the fugitive made it clear that he was safe, saying “I don’t want to hurt you” and telling him to start walking up the road. Gunfire erupted just “10 seconds later,” as police closed in. Read more here.

{Andy Newscenter}


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