Cops: Houston Gunman Wore ‘Nazi Paraphernalia’

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The gunman who shot and wounded nine people this morning in Houston was wearing Nazi paraphernalia, two law-enforcement sources told KPRC2. Officers responded to the scene just around 6 a.m., where the shooter opened fire on police, “wearing what appeared to be an antique German uniform with Swastikas on it.”

The gunman was found dead shortly after the police returned fire and several weapons have been found inside his vehicle, according to local police. Investigators who inspected the shooter’s apartment reportedly found additional Nazi paraphernalia inside. Interim Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo stated that she is not ready to say whether the shooting was related to terrorism. Read more at KPRC2.

The following is the Washington Post report on the incident:

The Houston Fire Department was first called just before 6:30 a.m. about a report of an active shooter at an intersection outside a strip mall about six miles west of downtown, a spokesman said.

Six people were transported from the scene, said Jay Evans, the fire department spokesman. He said he did not know anything about their conditions or if anyone was killed.

In a brief news conference outside the strip mall, Richard Mann, the executive assistant fire chief, said that some people were injured in their cars by flying glass. He said that some of the injuries were considered serious and that some victims were injured in their extremities.

Mann said no deaths were initially reported, and he said the gunman was “neutralized.” Police officials later said the attacker was killed and described the shooting scene as contained.

The Houston police said in a post on Twitter that the attacker was shot by officers and that there were “no reports of other suspects at this time.” The police said that “several people” were shot and taken to the hospital, but they did not immediately know the severity of the injuries.

The intersection where the shooting occurred is home to a strip mall and is near a number of residences, but it was unclear precisely where the gunfire occurred.

Not long after 8 a.m. local time, authorities in Houston issued a shelter in place order for an apartment complex not far from the shooting scene.

Mann said the order was issued because the complex is near where the attacker’s vehicle may have been. A police bomb squad will be checking the suspected shooter’s vehicle, the department said.



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