Court Orders Palestinian Authority, Terrorists to Pay $17 Million for Deadly 2001 Attack


The Palestinian Authority and the terrorists who killed three Israelis and wounded two children in an attack on the Yerushalayim-Modi’in highway in 2001 must pay 62 million shekels ($17.6 million) in damages to the families of the victims, an Israeli court ruled on Sunday, Haaretz reports.

On Aug. 25, 2001, during the second intifada, Palestinian terrorists ambushed a car carrying members of an Israeli family, spraying bullets into the vehicle. Sharon and Yaniv Ben-Shalom, ages 26 and 27, respectively, died in the attack. Sharon’s brother, Doron Sueri, 20, died the following day. Sharon shielded her two infant daughters with her own body. The families of the victims sued the PA and PLO in 2009.

Yerushalayim District Court Judge Moshe Yair Drori ruled in 2014 that the PA was responsible for the attack because it gave the perpetrators money and weapons that were used to carry out the attack. He ordered the PA to pay 40%, with the rest to be paid by the terrorists. One of the terrorists convicted of the three murders was Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, who is currently serving five life terms in an Israeli prison for these and two other murders, along with other crimes.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. suing in Yerushlaim is worthless………………….
    they should sue in America and have the US send them the $$$$$$ direct instead of supporting the terrorists


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