Court Rules: Chareidi Press Can Reject Ad For All-Woman Party


knessetThree days after an Israeli district court ordered chareidi newspapers to run election ads featuring women, the Supreme Court today overturned that decision, arguing that the judgment was hastily made and would have to be reexamined in depth without time constraints.

The chareidi women’s party Bezchutan petitioned to have their advertisements shown in chareidi print publications Yated Ne’eman and Yom Le’yom. A ruling Friday at the Lod District Court rejected claims that printing the images would insult the sensibilities of readers, and ordered their publication before Israelis head to the polls on March 17.

The newspapers, however, appealed that decision at the Supreme Court and the presiding judge ordered the commercials be postponed until the case can be properly mulled “without [the] time constraints” of Tuesday’s impending vote.

“The sequence of events led to a situation where the merits of the legal issue weren’t discussed in depth,” Supreme Court Justice Neal Hendel said.

“The necessary balance between conflicting interests and the principles at stake was not found [in the initial judgment,]” Hendel said.

He noted that a ruling had not been made in either of the parties’ favor, and called on both sides to hold a hearing within an acceptable time frame.

{ Israel}


  1. The Supreme (Political Body and )Court,as is obvious, fully subscribes to
    “Politics is the art of the possible”

    Therefore,if their order probably will be ignored ,they must play along

  2. So now Women of the Wall ( uh huh,some of the same crowd) is suddenly somehow charedi. I’m glad the supreme court didn’t allow anti religious bias to interfere with a simple ruling that a private publication can print what they want. If they would have refused to print pictures of tomatoes everyone would have ruled in their favor.


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