Court Sides with Provocation-Causing Women of Wall


koselA District Court judge ruled today that the infamous “Women of the Wall” are not violating a High Court ruling when they daven with talleisim and read from Sifrei Torah in the women’s section of the Kosel Plaza.

Halachically, the ruling depends on the specific question. There are rabbonim who permit women to use prayer accessories that are traditionally worn by men and to read from the Torah, but it is against halacha for women to recite a bracha before or after the Torah reading and women cannot make up a minyan for reciting Kaddish and Kedusha responsively.

However, Yerushalayim District Court Judge Moshe Sobel said that the State is interpreting the High Court ruling in the wrong way, and that the policy of arresting the women is unwarranted.

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  1. These women may get their way, but this is not liberty. Our people will indeed suffer from broken affluence. Our people will endure but time will not heal the wounds of the women of the wall.

  2. Charles,

    1) So even you admit that it is a ???? ?????.

    2) You are being disingenuous by claiming that WOW is a prayer group. What it is, is an anti ????? activist group. What is unique about the ???? is that it ???? ??? ?-??????. It is therefore hypocritical, at a minimum, to seek to change the way there was a separation between the genders among other issues. If they feel a drive to pray, it would make sense to conduct themselves in accordance with ????? ?????. Since they do not, and it is not necessary to list all the violations of ????, it is clear that their ????? is not genuine.

    That is besides that’s by use the opportunity as well to publicly flaunt activities that fall under the issur of ????? ??? ?????.


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