Crime Ring Busted For Stealing Ammunition From IDF Base


Six Resident from Beer Sheva and northern Israel were arrested for allegedly stealing 33 firearms from an IDF base.

A joint police and GSS operation led to the arrest of 6 residents from Beer Sheva and the north, on suspicion for stealing 33 firearms-in the M16 assault rifle class- from the Sdei Teman IDF base in the south. The robbery took place last month and was intended for gun trafficking.

Police are expected to request today (Monday), that the 6 remain detained for the time being, since investigators are transferring the incriminating material to the state attorney’s office for the purpose of examining and preparing indictments against those involved in the theft and trafficking of the weapons.

The ring is suspected of breaking into the ammunition depot in the Sdei Teman army base located in the south, on May 26, and stealing 33 firearms. An intense investigation led authorities to discover 11 of the stolen rifles and an additional 3 firearms unrelated to the theft. Authorities also discovered a large stash of drugs and the vehicle used by the ring to carry out their thefts. Read more here.




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