Crocs Buyers in Israel to Get 25 Shekel Back


crocsIf you ever bought Crocs in Israel, you may be able to return to the store in about two months and receive a discount of 25 shekel -about $6.5 – when purchasing a new pair of shoes.

The request for a class action against Crocs’ importers ended this week with a compromise agreement. The request for a lawsuit was filed about two years ago by Attorneys Nachum Oren and Ze’ev Korman, who claimed that Crocs’ importer in Israel fixed the price of the popular shoes at retailers, preventing competition.

In addition, the lawyers said, the importer did not allow stores to give discounts and even threatened to stop supplying the goods.

The plaintiffs estimated that consumers suffered damages of NIS 139 million ($37 million), in light of an assessment that two million pairs of Crocs shoes have been sold in Israel.

The importer, New Cinema, claimed that it did not impose a price on retailers, but only recommended a retail price.

In the compromise, the importer agreed to return an overall sum of NIS 90 million ($24 million) in the form of a NIS 25 store credit for each consumer presenting the shoes at Crocs chain stores across the country. The sum will be given as a discount for purchasing a new pair of shoes.

The compromise agreement is slated to be approved by the Jerusalem District Court early next week, and will take effect only two months later.


{Yair Israel}


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