Cunliffe Trying to Shake Up Lakewood Committee as Independent Candidate


cunliffeLakewood Township voters have three parties to consider for Tuesday’s elections, as former Committeeman Charles Cunliffe re-enters the ballot field as an independent candidate with sizable senior citizen┬ábacking. Pushed out last year from what is now a Republican-controlled committee, Cunliffe traded in his Democratic hat to start the Independent Lakewood Party, which attends to those voters feeling disenfranchised by what he calls a “co-opted” two-party system.”My biggest gripe is that both major parties in my honest opinion, at the local, state and federal level, do not represent the common folk anymore,” Cunliffe said. “They are so engaged in battling each other that we the electorate are on the outside looking in.”

The 12-year committee veteran dropped out of the race last year after Democratic Party heads decided to support another candidate, Michael Sernotti, who then lost. This year, Cunliffe has been shoring up support, mainly within the adult communities, through campaign rallies and a Web site.

Other challengers on the ballot are Republican Hannah Havens, 62, a four-time committee candidate and former township welfare director, and Democrat Miriam Medina, 55, a parent liaison to the township who also has run unsuccessfully for a committee seat.

They could not be reached for comment. Both are challenging incumbents Menashe Miller, a Republican, and Meir Lichtenstein, a Democrat, who were elected in 2003. Miller, 35, is an Air Force chaplain, and Lichtenstein, 38, is a property manager.

Sharing Cunliffe’s ticket is Lynn Celli, a former Lakewood Development Corp. member and owner of Kringle’s Ice Cream and Ices, which closed in 2004.

Celli, 55, said her main concern was government transparency.

“I don’t believe the public is getting all the facts and figures,” she said. “There’s room to make it more open to the taxpayer.”

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  1. There was a RAINBOW Shabbos morning in lakewood.
    It’s ???? to vote this year in Lakewood for local or state candidates.
    Anyone concerned about the ????? or their high taxes in Lakewood should stay away from the voting booth and DON”T VOTE.
    Besides the tremendous ????? ????

  2. He is a fervent anti Jewish person. His rantings of late have crossed the limit of acceptable disagreements with the frum Jewish lLakewood sector in my opinion he must be voted out against overwhelmingly.
    Morever we must send a message to Obama and his anti Israel agenda. Vote against John Corzine! He is Obamas man and represents socially unacceptable positions.

  3. we most vote for cunliffe to show the establishment thd they don’t do a thing to lower taxes and don’t do athing to lower crime they let building with out enough parking and traffic that it causes it must be stopped vote for cunliffe

  4. cunliffe raised taxes in lakewood like no other politician ever did
    he wasted tax money on his pet projects which is known as “Charlie’s fields”.

  5. Cunliffe fought against granting the varience for pine river village to lift the age restriction on the “other half of the property”. This move was actively supported by the prv seniors. Cunliffe is anti-jewish and if the seniors are jewish then he’s against seniors. I attended a tnshp meeting where the bitter cunliffe was unloading his venom on the proposal. He should be resoundly defeated to send a message to anti-semites that we won’t sit back and take it anymore. It is imperative to go out and vote for our people.


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