Cuomo To Be First Governor To Visit Cuba As Ties Reopen



New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is heading to Havana, the first American governor to visit Cuba since the recent thaw in relations with the communist nation. Whether his trade mission generates anything more than headlines, however, remains to be seen.

The formal state visit Monday and Tuesday is meant to foster greater ties between New York and Cuba. Cuomo is expected to take a small group of business leaders for what he has called “a tremendous stepping stone” that will “help open the door to a new market for New York businesses.”

Trade experts say New York could profit from improved relations with the Caribbean nation. New York farmers could export apples, powdered milk and other dairy products. Businesses could invest big in Cuba‘s developing information technology infrastructure. Hoteliers could build resorts to prepare for the increase in American tourists. Read more.



  1. King Andrew is doing this because, as Hillary flips & flops and continues to flounder, he is getting ready to announce his candidacy for President as a savior for the Democrat Party.

  2. Hardly a surprise

    The same plutocrat who prepared embargo Indiana and Arkansas(treating them like ISIS), is rushing to create ties with cuba


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