Cutting Nails During The Nine Days


cuttign-nailsWith regard to cutting nails during the nine days the Mogen Avrohom (551:11) says that although an Aveil cannot cut his nails, the nine days are more lenient for this Halacha and certainly it is permissible to cut L’Kavod Shabbos. The Taz (13) disagrees and forbids cutting nails during Shavua She’chal Bo, the week that Tisha B’Av falls in. However even the Taz agrees that you may cut your nails L’Kavod Shabbos. The Elya Rabba and Yad Efraim say this heter only applies to people who cut their nails every Erev Shabbos.This year since Erev Shabbos is not in Shavua She’Chal Bo you are permitted to cut your nails even according to the Taz. Also a woman who needs to cut her nails to go to the mikva may do so even in Shavua She’Chal Bo. Similarly a Mohel may cut his nails.

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