DA Hynes Announces Home-Based Jail Alternative For Female Prisoners


charles-j-hynes-2New York – Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is joining advocates for women in announcing a program that will let some female prisoners serve their sentences at home.

Hynes said the program will allow eligible inmates to retain custody of their children while they serve their sentences at home. The women will receive intensive supervision and treatment.

Hynes is joining Georgia Lerner, the director of the Women’s Prison Association, for the announcement today. Other participants at the news conference will include Julie Kay, a senior strategist at the Ms. Foundation, and Ana Oliveira, president of the New York Women’s Foundation.

Source: WCBS 880 AM NY

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The most sensible thing I’ve read. There are people put in prison for things that are not violent or serious enough to put them in the horrible atmosphere of a prison. For women, this is even more important. Think it’s about time that the penal system be corrected in many areas. This seems to be a good idea. There’s a difference between white collar crimes and violent crimes. Also, how many times are violent offenders released for stupid reasons and someone who might have stolen an apple suffer there for a long time.


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