Dagan Slams PM at Large Anti-Netanyahu Rally


meir-daganAn estimated 40,000 demonstrators poured into Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Motzoei Shabbos to take part in a rally calling for a change in government.

The plaza was filled with posters supporting the left-wing Meretz party and the center-left Zionist Union.

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan headlined the speakers who took to the podium to address the teeming crowd. Having unleashed harsh criticism of the Netanyahu administration in an interview aired Friday, Dagan again attacked the prime minister, saying “we have a leader who fights only one campaign – the campaign for his own political survival.”

“In the name of this war, he is dragging us down to a bi-national state and to the end of the Zionist dream,” the former spy chief, 70, said of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Dagan, who seemed close to tears at times and who stressed that he had no personal political ambitions, said he did not fear Israel’s enemies, but “I fear our leadership” which had “lost its way” and was characterized by “hesitancy and indecisiveness.”

Israel had “never been more stuck than in the six years” of Netanyahu’s prime ministership, “with no progress toward a better future,” Dagan charged.

Michal Kastan Keidar, widow of an officer killed in last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, also took to the stage and castigated Netanyahu for what she called his blindness to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, what’s important is life itself, but it’s impossible to speak all the time about Iran and to turn a blind eye to the bloody conflict with the Palestinians which costs us so much blood,” she said.

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  1. They have a point but I think they’re not right in their assertion that the alternative choices are better. Bibi let America know lsst week that he has removed the shackles Bambi and the death sentence his administration has levied against Israel. He will now do what he needs to do for Israel’s survival. Bambi has always reasurred hom that America has Israel’s back – now we know what he meant! With a dagger in hand! The Republicans are withh Bibi.


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