Daughter of Palestinian Terrorist: “We’re Very Proud of Him and What He Did”


The Palestinian terrorist behind Sunday’s Jerusalem Yerushalayim attack was set to begin a four-month prison sentence for assaulting a police officer, the Ma’an news agency reported on Sunday.

The assailant, Musbah Abu Sbeih, 39, a resident of east Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood, was linked to the Mourabitoun, an outlawed Islamist group whose members demonstrate on the Har Habayis whenever Jews visit there.

After the attack, the shooter’s daughter told Ha’aretz that she and her family were “very proud of him and what he did.” The shooter had served a year in prison for incitement on social media.

As previously reported on Matzav, in two separate posts on its official Facebook page, Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement honored Musbah Abu Sbeih, referring to him as an Islamic martyr.

In a videotaped message, Musbah Abu Sbeih said his actions were designed to “safeguard Al-Aksa Mosque,” vowing that Jerusalem would be “liberated from their [Jews’] contamination.”

The footage left behind by the terrorist was aired by Hamas’ mouthpiece, Al-Quds television, and Hamas members in Gaza claimed the attacker was one of their own.

On Sunday evening, crowds gathered outside the home of the Palestinian murderer to praise the attack. People handed out candies to passing motorists at the same time that the funerals of the two victims were taking place. As Matzav previously reported, the house was decorated with green Hamas flags and a huge poster calling him a martyr. His mother stood outside welcoming visitors who came to celebrate the killings.

{Matzav.com Israel News Bureau}



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