Daughter of Reb Menachem Stark z”l Engaged



The past week saw the celebration of the engagement of Gitty Stark, a daughter of Reb Menachem Stark z”l, the beloved members of the Williamsburg, NY, community who was murdered last year and whose passing shocked the Jewish world.

The chosson is Volvy Mendlowitz of Montreal, Canada.

Reb Menachem’s death was initially shrouded in mystery. After leaving his real-estate ┬Čoffice on Rutledge Street in Williamsburg, Reb Menachem was accosted by two suspects who wrestled him into a minivan. The next day, Reb Menachem’s body was discovered partially burned in a dumpster at a Long Island gas station.

Reb Menachem is survived by his wife, Mrs. Bashie Stark, and their seven children, five sons and two daughters. The kallah, Gitty, is the oldest of Reb Menachem’s children. He is also survived by his parents, Reb Yisroel and Shaine Etya Stark, and eight siblings, five brothers and three sisters.

May the family celebrate only simchos in the future.

{Gavriel Sitrit-Matzav.com Newscenter}



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