Day Before Coalition Deadline, Bayit Yehudi Demands Justice Ministry



Talks between the Likud and the Bayit Yehudi parties took place on Tuesday but no solution was found. The bone of contention is Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu’s agreement to hand over the Religious Affairs Ministry to Shas.

Tonight, Bayit Yehudi leader Naftali Bennett convened his faction and asked members to back him in negotiations with Prime Minister Netanyahu, whatever outcome they may bring, reports Times of Israel.

The MKs published a statement expressing their full support of Bennett.

Netanyahu has until midnight tomorrow to send President Reuven Rivlin a message as to whether he has succeeded or failed in establishing a coalition. Tomorrow’s deadline is already the second one – after an extension of two weeks – and, according to Israeli law, even the president cannot legally extend the deadline further.

Since Netanyahu would have a slim 61-MK majority with Jewish Home, Bennett essentially holds the power to make or break a Netanyahu-led coalition. Another possibility would be to abandon Jewish Home and try to convince the Zionist Union to join a unity government. Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog, however, has consistently rejected such an option.

{ Israel}


  1. O-bummer would like nothing more than Bibi to fail. Bennett and Lieberman are both acting like spoiled brats!

  2. So the “potch in punim” that the Israeli electorate gave to Obama all those weeks ago is reversed. I guess Bennett’s yetzer hara for kavod and power and the sinah of a frum man to the chareidi lifestyle wins out.

    Get ready for Herzog, Lapid, Lieberman and some Arab MKs to run the country.


  3. Prime Minister Netanyahu should make no further concessions to Mr. Bennett. Should Mr. Netanyahu be forced to include the Zionist Union in his coalition due to Mr. Bennett’s intransigence, or Heaven forbid, should The Zionist Union make a coalition, Mr. Netanyahu and the State of Israel would be hurt. But Mr. Bennett and his cause would be destroyed.

    May Hashem grant sechel tov and achdus to all the parties concerned for the sake of Klal Yisrael.

  4. If Bennett is willing to give up the other 10 or so portfolios he received for Justice Ministry fine.

    I see that Netanyahu will continue having lots of trouble from this Bennett just like he did the past two years from the two of them; Bennett and his friend Lapid.

    If Netanyahu could get the Livnie/Herzog party into his coalition and throw out power hungry Bennett, he’d learn a lesson.


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