DC Councilman Who Made Anti-Semitic Remark ‘Done Apologizing’

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Washington, D.C., Councilman Trayon White says he’s “done apologizing” for his beliefs after making anti-Semitic statements and leaving a tour of the Holocaust Museum early.

White has in the past claimed that powerful Jewish people such as the Rothschild family “control the climate.” White initially apologized for those remarks and agreed to meet with local Jewish leaders.

“It’s definitely been a learning experience for me, but I’ve said my apologies, and I’m done with that.” White said in the video. “I’m done apologizing about that. I was sincere.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Fun game Match the quote to the speaker

    choices are: Trump (written in Yad Vashem guest book) and Trayvon White

    ““This opportunity has given me the chance to meet a lot of great Jews, a lot of people. A lot of good Jews that I’ve never had the chance to meet before, It’s an awesome experience.”

    “It is a great honor to be here with all of my friends. So amazing + will Never Forget!”

    To think that people actually voted fr these two

  2. He’s %100 right.
    Those 2 idiots from Starbucks are still traveling the Country with their insincere apology tour. Obama traveled the World for a few years apologizing for all the evilness of the American white heterosexual male and their Islamophobic tendencies. We had it coming on 9/11


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