De Blasio’s Forcing Old Building Owners To Become Eco Friendly


Mayor de Blasio is seeking to force the owners of 14,500 antiquated buildings to make pricey, eco-friendly fossil fuel and energy retrofits by 2030 or risk facing harsh fines and other penalties.

The plan, which accelerates the timeline for goals under the city’s prior global climate reduction commitments, targets buildings larger than 25,000 square feet — which officials say contribute 24 percent of the city’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The initiative would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7 percent by 2035 — the equivalent of removing 900,000 vehicles from the streets per year, the mayor said. Read more at NY POST.



  1. Those mysterious “green house gases” are primarily Carbon Dioxide. On this planet, the life is made out of Carbon, and Carbon Dioxide is not a poison, but is necessary for vegetation, upon which all higher life forms survive. Then again, the DemocRats might be aliens trying to infiltrate planet Earth. Or maciavelians, perhaps, who use any kind of idiotic rhetoric to manipulate the people into signing away their freedoms to the fascist state.

  2. Once again the moron hard at work, Lower these emissions by driving in one or two cars not a huge security detail no one wants to hurt you! No one even thinks about you! You are a egotistical attention seeker and the only one that thinks about you is you!


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