Debt Surpasses $22 Trillion For First Time


The gross national debt has surpassed $22 trillion for the first time in the U.S. history, according to Treasury Department data released Tuesday.

“This milestone is another sad reminder of the inexcusable tab our nation’s leaders continue to run up and will leave for the next generation,” said Judd Gregg and Edward Rendell, co-chairman of the debt watchdog group Campaign to Fix the Debt.

Deficits have soared under President Trump, spurned on by the GOP tax law, bipartisan spending increases, and the forward momentum of mandatory spending programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Tuesday’s estimate put the total outstanding public debt at $22.013 trillion,

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  1. This milestone is another sad reminder of the Deep State’s theft of taxpayer’s money which had been sent to the corrupt privately owned Federal Reserve (which President Trump has recently closed). The money was then forwarded to the Queen’s Bank in England, then to the Vatican and then to Central Banks globally. After which some money was sent back to the US “on interest” to be able pay the Federal employees. In other words, the govt “borrowed” their own money back! President Trump has b”H made a stop to this theft about 3 weeks ago. Now all tax money are being sent to Reno, Nevada.

    • Which is why President Trump will be declaring Freedom of Debt one of these days. The US doesn’t owe anything to the Central Banks. If anything, they received stolen money and owe the US.

  2. President Trump will be declaring freedom of debt one of these days because the US has NO DEBT. US taxpayer’s money was stolen by the Deep State all these years to be automatically sent to their privately owned corrupt Federal Reserve (which Trump shut down recently). From there it went to the Queen’s Bank in England, then to the Vatican Bank and then to the Central Banks globally. After which, they were kind enough to return some money “on interest” to the US to pay their Federal employees. In other words, the US “borrowed” their own money back! Trump has made a stop to it and as of 3 weeks ago taxpayer’s money gets transferred to Reno, Nevada.

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