Dems Pick Thompson as NYC Mayoral Nominee


thompsonNew York City’s comptroller cruised to victory in the Democratic mayoral primary today and runoffs appeared likely in the race to succeed him and another race for the post of City Hall watchdog. City Comptroller William Thompson Jr. became the Democratic mayoral nominee after clobbering Tony Avella, a city councilman from Queens, by 70 percent to 21 percent. And even before polls closed Tuesday, Thompson was already looking ahead to the race against the popular billionaire incumbent, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”I’m running against the richest person in New York City,” Thompson told voters at a Queens senior center. “After this, then the hard work begins.”

Bloomberg is not registered with any party and did not compete in a primary, but the former Republican held his own campaign rally Tuesday night. He did not mention Thompson by name but said voters have a choice of progress or “politics as usual.”

Thompson, who raises money to finance his campaign, has about $6 million. Bloomberg spends his own money and has already put more than $40 million into his bid for a third term.

{NewYorkNow/ Newscenter}


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