Dennis Ross: U.S. Must Decide in Advance How to Respond If Iran Violates Deal


dennis-rossDennis Ross, a former Middle East adviser to President Obama, told the Times of Israel on Thursday that the U.S. needs to decide in advance on precisely how it would respond to potential violations of any deal with Iran on its nuclear program. “If you’re really going to put a premium on one-year breakout time, by definition what you require for verification and transparency becomes even more demanding,” Ross said. Keeping Iran a year from the bomb requires “anywhere, anytime inspections, for declared and undeclared sites,” and would likely need “a new set of protocols for the scope of your access and the numbers of inspectors.”

The international community would have to agree ahead of time on what to do in the event of violations. “If you’re going to wait until you detect a violation, what are you [going to do] then? Are you then entering into a negotiation over it” with the Russians and Chinese? Obviously, if Iran was caught “dashing” to the bomb, “that would be a justification for the use of force,” he said.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Is this the same Dennis Ross that as special envoy to Mid East sold isreal down the preverbal drain. Can he be trusted any mots then Obama


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