Deri, Based on Psak of Rav Ovadiah, Supports Opening Of Yemenite Graves


Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told the Knesset Legislative Committee that he supported a bill proposed by MK Nurit Koren of Likud to open the purported graves of Yemenite children and find through genetic testing whether bodies inside them are related to the families of children who disappeared. At the request of the Religious Services Ministry, the committee delayed approving the bill until the Chief Rabbinate decides how to proceed.

Deri based his opinion on a responsa of Rav Ovadiah Yosef (Yabi’a Omer volume 9, Yoreh De’ah 36) in which he was asked whether graves of such children may be opened to see if they are empty and responds: “At any rate, for a great need like this to clarify the facts and to publicly denigrate wicked people like these, people of violence and falsehood, and perhaps to burn evil from the Jewish people, it seems that one may permit the opening of the graves.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. How many more people will be murdered by the Zionists for this? Isn’t the murder of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam Hy”d enough?

  2. Those are 2 different things. Rav Ovadia said it’s ok when they want to check if the graves are empty thereby no tampering will take place with the bodies. Over here they are interested in tampering with the bodies which is a real bizayon hameis. Did he ask any of today’s gedolim? Unfortunately, Rav Ovadia is no longer with us. It’s not sufficient to base his decision off of a ruling from a different case.


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