Deri: Har Nof Attack is “Declaration of War”


terror-attackShas Chairman MK Aryeh Deri is calling today’s massacre a “declaration of war.”

“The horrible massacre in a Har Nof shul during davening this morning leaves no other choice for us: we are fighting for our lives,” Deri stated. “I call on the Prime Minister to address the recent events as a state of war for all intents and purposes, [and start] an operation in Yerushalayim for the total elimination of terrorism and the restoration of peace and security of the residents.

“No more ‘self-defense,’ no more ‘restraint.’ It is time to eliminate these murderous terrorists,” he said.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. No more restraint! High time. Israel will jail for years a person who harms an Arab, but will do little to an Arab who kills a Jew. Oh yea, they might jail him, but let him out and allow him to do it again. So finally High time! mazal tov. Let’s see if they keep their word.

  2. A declaration of a state of war,is it really Mr.Deri?.Does that mean that the other terrorist attacks perpetrated in recent weeks were not such declarations,only this one?.Just because in occured in a Shul is no more a declaration than when these murderous pere odom murder us whilst standing at bus stops,or stabbing us in the Streets,i would have thought.

  3. Don’t worry as long as the Israeli government is asleep don’t bother them, it is only the Jews that are being killed, if the arabs were being killed the world will be wild and the Israeli government will bow to the world and say yes sir, no sir. Here we go to the golden calf again, here is your god jews the golden calf bow to the world.

  4. Feed terrorists bodies to pigs that’ll stop them. The democratic aspect of the state of Israel not allowing defilling of these wicked terrorist animals bodies is cause for a continuation. Turkey did it years ago. New world new game new rules. Hashem yinkom damam. Ha’Makom yenachem mishpachtum. V’yehai nafsham tzruram im kal harugei sh’neherrgoo al kidush Shem Hashem


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