Deri: Lapid’s Demands Mean Chareidim Will Be In Opposition


deri“It’s very encouraging to hear the prime minister talk responsibly. I spoke with him on Friday, and got the impression that he very much wants everyone to join a broad coalition,” Shas co-chairman Aryeh Deri told “IDF Radio” (Galei Zahal) today. “We agreed that we must deal with the problem of increasing the equal sharing of the burden, but on the other hand, this will be carried out through understanding and agreement. The prime minister has his professionals and they know their job.”

“IDF Radio”: Are you in coalition negotiations?

Deri: “Yes. It isn’t our role to propose compromises. We’ll come with our ideas. I think it will take time. There are other issues that we’ll insist on, such as the budget cuts.”

Why doesn’t Yair Lapid want to sit with you in the government?

“I hope that that is not true. There are a lot of people who say that I am naive. He says that he has no problem with people, but with issues. If that’s true it’s very serious. If that is the position he is presenting, it’s very clear and means that there is no dialogue, and that the charedim will stay outside.”

Isn’t it critical for Shas to be part of the government this time?

“We all have red lines. We will never allow the world of Torah to be dismantled.”

Are you prepared to join the government but without portfolios?

“If it bothers someone, we’re prepared to talk about this too. The portfolios are not what is important now. The question is whether we can live with the government’s guidelines. For us, it is important not to harm the world of Torah or the poor.”

Deri concluded, “The opposition doesn’t frighten me. We’ve gone through a tough election campaign, and we were able to unify the ranks.”


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  1. Lapid’s glory wont last long! Mark my words, this Rasha will be gone (from any power) in a few months as if he never existed!

  2. Politics is a bed of compromise, give & take and winning and losing. Lapid is a media giant and he is ill prepared to live within a team working for a cause.

  3. “We agreed that we must deal with the problem of increasing the equal sharing of the burden, . .” We do share the burden. We are protecting with Tefila and Learning Torah – that is more than half the burden.


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