Dershowitz: On the Road to Nuclear Iran ‘Within 10 Years’


gigiNegotiations with Iran are supposed to produce a deal to keep it from producing a nuclear bomb, but in reality, “we’re on the road” to seeing Tehran armed with nuclear weapons within a decade, Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz tells Newsmax TV.

In a panel discussion led by Newsmax Prime host J.D. Hayworth, the author of “Terror Tunnels” argues Iran has now effectively “out bargained us” at the negotiating table.

“They have played chess well —we played checkers,” Dershowitz said. “We have negotiated terribly. We let them know early on in the process that we needed the deal more than they did, and that was the truth.”

“I hope we will toughen up the deal and make sure that we can inspect all military sites, make sure that the president keeps his word when he says Iran will never, ever, be allowed to develop nuclear weapons,” he added about an extended deadline for the pact.

But, he predicted: “We’re on the road to seeing nuclear weapons for Iran within 10 years.”

Dershowitz noted if a deal is ultimately put together, Israel would certainly maintain its right “to preventatively attack Iran,” but would likely not do so.

“It may be forced to the wall,” he said. “This deal may make it impossible for Israel not to take some kind of military action. It may not take the form of a frontal air attack, it may more take the form of… other kinds of sabotage operations.”

“But Israel simply can’t sit back and watch Iran develop a nuclear weapon when Iran has sworn that Israel’s destruction is a nonnegotiable goal of the Iranian regime,” he said.

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